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Twist and turn

Do you like to do pottery? Or, on the contrary, have never picked up clay, but want to try? Looking for a good place for an interesting hobby or thinking about where to spend an evening with friends?
Then you've come to the right place! Feel free to read on!
About us!


Fundamentals of Ceramics
You don't need expensive pottery equipment for sculpting. You will be able to make all the pottery by hand. You will learn the types of hand sculpting: harness, stratum, pecking; Get a complete understanding of the molding process.
Learn advanced techniques at the potter's wheel and learn how to save time and budget by gaining a complete understanding of the process. A personalized approach for everyone.
Models and shapes
The course allows you to give the necessary basis for a start in this direction: from the basics to the skills of work and allows you to learn how to turn ideas into a successful business project already in the process of learning.
Decorating ceramics
Learn how to make glazes and minimize risks
by changing the composition of the glaze, Different techniques and technologies for applying decorating materials to the surface of the product in non-standard ways.

Try pottery!

You can receive training in our workshop. We offer one-off master classes for those who want to try their hand at pottery. There are a large number of exercises to develop the imagination. They are suitable for both adults and kids. 



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